Business to Business
September 8, 2015

Food supplier recalibrates its business post-recession

After the recession, a Pennsylvania food distributor chose to sharpen its focus on service — and found new ways to grow.

From a refrigerated warehouse in central Pennsylvania, Pocono ProFoods delivers everything from frozen fish and meat to fresh produce and paper products to hotels, schools, and restaurants across a 14-state region.

Edward Driebe started the company in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, in 1940, and his family still runs the business.

After some customers were rocked by the recent recession, Pocono ProFoods sharpened its focus on service and also set out to win new customers — turning to Wells Fargo for capital as well as advice.

“We’re glad to be a part of the Wells Fargo family,” says Chairman and CEO Rosemary Driebe Olofsson (who is Edward’s daughter).