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December 10, 2015

Father gives son a solid foundation, and flooring company thrives

Atlanta-based Redi-Floors has taken all the right steps to expand into markets across the Southeast — with help from Wells Fargo.

Propelling a family business from small to medium-size requires both commitment and capital.


For Adam Brookner of Redi-Floors, an Atlanta-based residential and commercial flooring company, the commitment part was a no-brainer. After all, at 16 he spent eight to 10 hours a day during summer and winter breaks cutting sheets of vinyl flooring for his father’s residential and commercial flooring company.

During college vacations, he managed operations for the company, and then took the reins of the family business in 2011 after he earned an MBA from Emory University.  Now he serves as the company’s president.

“It’s truly an honor to be entrusted with the responsibility of running the business,” says Adam. “I have this overwhelming urge to do right by my father, who set all of this in motion and instilled such a strong work ethic in me.”

Redi-Floors' leadership team.
Redi-Floors prepares flooring
Redi-Floors prepares flooring
Redi-Floors prepares flooring
Redi-Floors prepares flooring
Redi-Floors' Jack Weissman (left), Ed Shields, Peter Brookner, and Adam Brookner.
Cutting vinyl flooring.
At the carpet cutting machine.
Searching through the reams of carpet in the Redi-Floors warehouse.
A Redi-Floors employee installs carpet in an apartment.

His father, Peter Brookner founded the company in 1987, completing several housing projects in downtown and midtown Atlanta neighborhoods. Redi-Floors now supplies flooring to multi-family housing throughout the Southeastern United States and retail outlets like Dick’s Sporting Goods and T.J. Maxx.

Since 2005, Adam and other Redi-Floors leaders have turned to Wells Fargo to support their financial needs and expansion plans. In 2011, Redi-Floors joined Wells Fargo’s newly formed Emerging Middle Markets Group, working with Wells Fargo’s Chris McDaid and his team, who focus on meeting the needs of smaller middle-market companies through a relationship-based approach.

Redi-Floors Chief Financial Officer Jack Weissman says, “We look at Chris not only as our banker, but as our financial advisor and friend. He is just a great person to bounce ideas off of, and we know he always has our best interest at heart. It is the after-hours time that separates Chris and Wells Fargo from the other banks.”

Chris says, “Redi-Floors has grown tremendously, and it’s been a pleasure for my team to be involved. At our core, we work to truly understand businesses like Redi-Floors — learn what they do, what markets they serve, and how they differentiate themselves. We aim to anticipate their financial needs and bring them new ideas.”

In the past four years, Redi-Floors (known as Real Floors in certain markets), expanded across Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Florida. The company plans to add more locations in the Southeast during the next five years.