The housing affordability crisis can’t be solved in a vacuum, experts say. It’s going to take everyone, within communities and across the country, working together to implement change. (3:33)
July 10, 2019

Episode 4: Driving toward solutions

What happens next? Experts suggest local successes, like mixed-income neighborhoods, could prove key ingredients for the systemic change required to fix the housing affordability crisis in America.

Wells Fargo recently committed $1 billion by 2025 to help solve the nation’s housing affordability challenges. In this special series, Wells Fargo brings together problem solvers to discuss the housing affordability crisis in America — and how to bring about systemic change.

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Trio of various neighborhoods.

Episode 1: America’s housing affordability problem

What makes housing affordability a looming crisis? Top experts discuss a legacy of the housing bust that is impacting millions of Americans across income levels and the U.S. economy at large.

Episode 2: Contributing factors

How did this happen? Housing affordability experts discuss “one of the most confounding aspects” of the U.S. economic recovery from the Great Recession.

Episode 3: Turning the tide

How do we fix this? Experts identify actions policymakers, communities, and banks can take now to spark systemic change and solve the housing affordability crisis.

Meet the experts

Clockwise from top left: Marc H. Morial, Cerita Battles, Mark Vitner, Vince Toye, Gary Acosta, and Keith Fairey.

This episode has been updated to include Gary Acosta, CEO of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals.