Even when she’s deployed with the Minnesota Air National Guard, Lynette Hoke knows her job with Wells Fargo is safe. (2:46)
Inside the Stagecoach
November 7, 2018

Deployed team member: ‘I knew my career was here when I got back’

Wells Fargo supports military team members who are still currently serving, like Lynette Hoke, and builds relationships with groups like Zac Brown Band to help ease the transition for military members and veterans when they return from service.

As a public affairs specialist for the Minnesota National Guard, Lynette Hoke has devoted her 20s and early 30s to serving her country — a period in life when many of her peers were finishing their college educations, finding jobs, and starting their careers.

When the time came for Hoke to start the transition from military to civilian life a few years ago, she searched for a job that could leverage her communications skills at a company that would embrace her experiences as a military member and compensate her accordingly.

“I really started thinking about updating my resume and expanding my professional wings when I saw my peers starting to make the transition from a military career to the civilian sector,” recalled Hoke. “Surprisingly to me at the time, the transition wasn’t as easy as expected. Things aren’t as spelled out in the civilian sector as they are in the military — your way forward isn’t just checking the box. It can be very subjective.”

Fortunately, Hoke found a position at Wells Fargo where she works on the bank’s Corporate Communications team and still has the flexibility and job security to continue serving her country

Lynette Hoke stands in front of a Wells Fargo sign at her Minneapolis office.
Lynette Hoke was able to use her public affairs experience in the military to obtain a job on Wells Fargo's Corporate Communications team.
“The biggest point of pride I have working for Wells Fargo is that the company talks the talk and walks the walk when it comes to supporting veterans.” — Lynette Hoke

“The biggest point of pride I have working for Wells Fargo is that the company talks the talk and walks the walk when it comes to supporting veterans,” said Hoke. “When I was activated for a monthlong deployment in Puerto Rico last winter — to help with recovery from Hurricane Maria — I felt supported and I knew my career was here when I got back, and that is huge.”

Hoke’s experience exemplifies Wells Fargo’s ongoing effort to support veterans as they transition from military to civilian life. For uniformed services team members who return to work after active duty, Wells Fargo offers job opportunities, educational information, and career guidance.

Wells Fargo works with outside organizations like No Barriers and Hire Heroes USA that focus on the unique challenges military veterans face when they return home from service.

The company also has an ongoing relationship with Zac Brown Band, working with the multiplatinum group to support veterans, service members, and their families. Over the past several years, Wells Fargo and Zac Brown Band have honored veterans at concerts, met with wounded veterans to talk about difficulties military service members face in transitioning to civilian life, and awarded veterans with mortgage-free homes.

As part of Wells Fargo and Zac Brown Band’s long-standing commitment to U.S. military members, Hoke was invited as a special guest to attend the Grammy Award-winner’s concert at Minneapolis’ Target Field in August 2018.

“To know a music group like Zac Brown Band and the bank I work for really care enough about military members like me and my peers is very heartwarming,” added Hoke. “Those who are having a tough time need to realize these companies aren’t just advertising this — the follow through is strong.”