Patrick Green, Jason Smith, Micah Keil, Eric Idehen, Mayor Frank Cownie, Marta Codina, Councilman Joe Gatto, Phil Hall, and Ben Page are some of the Wells Fargo team members and Des Moines city officials who worked together to renovate Whitmer Park. (2:49)
Volunteering & Giving
October 15, 2019

Creating a pocket park for a gateway neighborhood

Thousands of Wells Fargo team members participated Sept. 20 in the company’s first Dedicated Day of Service, volunteering in their communities across the world.

The East Village district in Des Moines, Iowa, is a gateway to the city’s downtown. It has experienced significant growth and revitalization over the last two decades, but has lacked a safe place for children to play — until now.

A group of individuals holding shovels are landscaping and working in a park.
A man in a red tee shirt working with tools on metal playground equipment.
Wells Fargo team members pose with employees of Des Moines Parks and Recreation department, Des Monies mayor Frank Cownie (plaid shirt) and city council member Joe Gatto (front center) on Sept. 20, 2019.
Pat Green and Phil Hall dig a hole for a new tree as part of the collaboration between Wells Fargo and the city of Des Moines to rebuild Whitmer Park on Sept. 20.
Adarsh Eppili works to install new playground equipment at Whitmer Park in Des Moines on Sept. 20.
Wells Fargo team members pose with employees of Des Moines Parks and Recreation department, Des Moines mayor Frank Cownie (plaid shirt), and city councilman Joe Gatto (front center) on Sept. 20.

A collaboration between city officials and Wells Fargo brought in the funding needed to grade the land and purchase playground equipment, trees, and plantings to reestablish Whitmer Park. Then, Wells Fargo volunteers worked alongside city employees to install it all and bring the park to life during the company’s dedicated day of service on Sept. 20, 2019. The project was particularly meaningful to a Wells Fargo team member who grew up in the neighborhood.

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