Volunteering & Giving
September 2, 2014

Camp offers safe haven for kids affected by HIV

A longtime Wells Fargo volunteer used a special paid leave to continue helping a summer camp in Oregon that serves children affected by HIV/AIDS.

Eric Garcia of Portland, Ore., was a top winner in Well Fargo’s annual Volunteer Service Awards and was also recognized with time away for volunteering through Wells Fargo’s Volunteer Leave Program. The $25,000 Volunteer Service Award went to support Camp KC, a program of the Cascade AIDS Project that offers a safe camp experience for kids affected by HIV or AIDS.

Eric started volunteering at the camp in 2011, when he served as a cabin counselor. He says, “It had never occurred to me that kids in my own community were struggling with this virus.”

Wells Fargo’s support will sponsor some campers, many of whom come from low-income families. “This award gives kids a chance to make memories and build supportive relationships in a safe place where they can freely ask questions and talk about HIV/AIDS without stigma or shame,” he says.