Wells Fargo stagecoaches, drivers, and horses participating in the 2019 Rose Parade.
Wells Fargo stagecoaches approach the starting line of the 2019 Rose Parade in Pasadena, California.
Inside the Stagecoach
August 29, 2019

Building for the future: Wells Fargo updates popular Stagecoach Experiences Program

The beloved program featuring horse-drawn stagecoaches returns to communities nationwide in second quarter 2020.

Wells Fargo’s horse-drawn stagecoach has been a staple at communities nationwide for more than 60 years. From small-town parades to nationally televised events, the iconic brand expression is widely recognized and annually delights customers, team members, and communities when it rolls into town.

Jamie Moldafsky
Jamie Moldafsky is Wells Fargo’s chief marketing officer.

While paused since February as it underwent an operational review, the Stagecoach Experiences Program will return stronger than ever in second quarter 2020, preserving the legacy of the brand while modernizing it for the future.

Updates include: bringing the experience in-house by employing team members who will drive the stagecoaches; taking complete ownership of the horses and responsibility for their care, as well as ownership of all the equipment used in connection with the program; and instituting updated standards and audit procedures that will ensure the highest level of safety and operations.

“This was an opportunity to create a Stagecoaches Experiences Program for a new generation,” said Jamie Moldafsky, chief marketing officer. “By bringing the program in-house, we will modernize for the future. These changes will be a new and exciting direction, and we look forward to engaging with local communities when the stagecoach returns.”

Over the last six months, Wells Fargo conducted a top-to-bottom review of the program with consultation from industry leaders including veterinarians, ranchers, equine experts, and drivers. During this time, the team contributed their expertise in shaping what will be a new program that will be launched in 2020.

“Wells Fargo is building a program for the future that is anchored around the care and safety of the horses,” said Robin Wiltshire, a veteran horseman who has worked with Wells Fargo and was part of the team reviewing the Stagecoach Experiences Program. “Wells Fargo’s horse-drawn stagecoach is an iconic symbol of American history and we have seen firsthand how it delights communities around the country each year.”

Founded in 1958, the Wells Fargo Stagecoach Experiences Program participates in more than 600 community events annually — from Fourth of July and Pride parades to events that honor the military and veterans.

Wells Fargo traces its stagecoach roots to 1858, when company founders Henry Wells and William G. Fargo sat on the board of directors for The Overland Mail Co. The company operated the nation’s first transcontinental stagecoach line linking communities from New York to California.