Financial Health
March 18, 2015

Banking support for service members away from home

Wells Fargo’s Military Banking call center focuses solely on helping members of the military with their unique financial needs.

Monica Gomez, a customer service representative at Wells Fargo’s Military Banking call center, can relate to the challenges that military service members face when stationed overseas. “I’ve been in their shoes,” says the U.S. Navy veteran who served for four and a half years. “What they’re going through hits home for me.”

She says she empathizes with those stationed overseas and the struggles they face. “One of those challenges is the sense of urgency over financial matters, and the frustration that may come with it. I believe that this group and their families deserve to be treated with ‘white glove’ service for what they sacrifice daily for our country.”

The San Antonio Military Banking call center focuses solely on helping service members with their unique financial needs, from preparing for deployment to getting help with credit card debt and mortgage payments while on active duty.

Every customer service representative has military ties. Many are veterans like Monica, and others are married to military members or have a parent or grandparent who served.

“Our backgrounds help us make a genuine connection with our customers,” says Monica. “They know we understand the stress they and their families are under. And we’re going to do everything we can to help them while they’re working hard to serve our country.”

Monica says her goal is to make sure every interaction these service members have with Wells Fargo is as easy as possible. “I don’t want to add any stress to the hardships they already face. Attention to detail and expediting their requests help me become their one-stop shop, where issues are resolved efficiently and correctly the first time.”

Active-duty service members who are customers or potential customers can call the toll-free Military Customer Call Center at 855-872-2932.

A version of this story also appeared in the 2014 Wells Fargo Annual Report (PDF).