Clio Tarazi received a special message at a Wells Fargo ATM
Clio Tarazi received a special message at a Wells Fargo ATM
June 17, 2014

‘Anniversary’ message at a Wells Fargo ATM evokes happy memories

When a long-time customer receives a “happy anniversary” message at a Wells Fargo ATM, memories come flooding back.

It was just another day for Clio Tarazi of Santa Rosa, Calif., who was stopping by her local Wells Fargo ATM. But the ATM “knew” she had been a customer for 39 years, and so it wished her a happy anniversary.

“That message evoked some strong memories and emotions,” she says.

Her father had immigrated to the U.S. in 1964 and soon opened an account at Wells Fargo. “He liked the stagecoach because of his love for Western movies,” Clio says. Beyond the iconic imagery, he respected Wells Fargo because the banker at his local store “treated my father, the immigrant factory worker, with dignity and respect.”

Her father took her to Wells Fargo to open her first checking account in 1974, while she was a student at the University of California–Berkeley. He introduced her with pride to his Wells Fargo banker, who “treated my father and me as if we were the most important people, even though we had meager resources.”

Those memories came flooding back that day at the ATM. It “reminded me of a very important day in my life,” Clio says.

The technology behind the message goes beyond wishing customers a happy birthday or happy anniversary. Wells Fargo calls the service “You Know Me,” and it remembers what transactions you make most frequently and then adds these as “quick” buttons on the first ATM screen you see.

Jonathan Velline, head of ATM Banking & Store Strategy, says, “We want to connect with you at the ATM the same way a store teller connects with you in person.”

Clio’s story was featured in the 2013 Wells Fargo Annual Report.

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