Marsha Morrison, who retired in 2009, said she is able to enjoy life without financial worries.
Marsha Morrison, who retired in 2009, said she is able to enjoy life without financial worries.

A bank for life

A retiree in Greenwich, Connecticut, said Wells Fargo was there for her in times of need — and remains a part of her life 35 years later.

March 16, 2017

With gray skies threatening bad weather, Marsha Morrison bundles up and climbs into her sedan to fulfill a personal mission in Greenwich, Connecticut. Today, it’s taking one of her elderly neighbors, who doesn’t drive, to the doctor.

At 83 herself, Morrison is glad she’s there for her friends and — thanks in part to her long relationship with Wells Fargo — able to visit art museums and enjoy other pastimes without financial worries.

Morrison’s banking relationship with Wells Fargo began 35 years ago through predecessor institutions. But its value really hit home in 1989, when a divorce left her with three children and management of the family checkbook for the first time in her life. She quickly found work as a secretary and added other jobs at a dress shop and jewelry store to boost her income.

“Wells Fargo said, ‘Go find a new home, you will be OK. We will be there for you.’ And they were,” Morrison said. “I’ve been a happy customer ever since. All three of my children are Wells Fargo customers, too.”

Marsha Morrison meets with Wells Fargo team members
Morrison meeting with Wells Fargo’s Matthew Cummings and Angela Colón.

While her stepfather offered her some financial tips years ago, Morrison said she’s also glad she talked with a banker. Thirty years later, the first series of savings bonds she purchased is maturing — money that will help with her daily expenses. She retired in 2009.

Matthew Cummings, who manages Wells Fargo’s Greenwich Commons branch, recently notarized some paperwork Morrison needed to provide to the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles.

“Trust is built one interaction at a time,” Cummings said, “and we are thrilled to have had the trust of Mrs. Morrison for so long. Our team believes in service, getting to know our customers, and doing the right thing every day.”

Morrison said she still remembers the company from a period in her childhood when her dad moved the family to California. She saw the Wells Fargo stagecoach in a parade, “and they were passing out candy to all the kids,” she said. “Wells Fargo has been a wonderful bank to me — friendly, kind, and one that cares about its customers. They cared about me when I was in need, and they care about me now.”

Note: A version of this story also appeared in the 2016 Wells Fargo Annual Report (PDF).